August 22nd

ok do you know what day it is? I’s my birthday ok lets start this  at a party at my igglo  it will be open on mamoth at 5:20pm central-6:00 and money rewards will come for my winners today and rember its only once a year.

party on-Green Day104

2nd Day

It is the senond day of ultimate jam and my favorite room is the room right to the ice rink because of every tweenty minutes candace and the penguin band come in the room but i know they are just roborts but you get some pretty cool stamps you have to go there two times to get stomp’in bob.And the snow forts there is a mini  fashoin catolog there is one hidden item that you can find anytime that day it is the snare drum and the drumstick you can buy that stuff in the lighthouse but on the first page click the middle bottom light.